About Us

Our Story

Toppers Teas is a UK based small business comprising a young yet ambitious team with an insatiable love for tea, looking to share the special experience that is a cup of herbal tea with people around the world. Toppers Teas started in Autumn 2020 with a vision: to pair everyone in the world with a healthy cup of tea. Toppers Teas was born in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic; right when everyone could do with a little less stress and improved well-being.

At Toppers Teas we keep things as simple as possible, a fulfilling cup of tea doesn’t need to be complex but we do believe tea should be as beneficial to our bodies and well-being as it is tasty. We launched with just seven variations of premium quality tea as opposed to a vast collection of inferior quality tea. As we grow, our focus will remain on keeping things as simple as possible while sharing knowledge, increasing well-being and pairing you with the best herbal tea.

Our interest in well-being goes far beyond just cups of tea. We promote healthy living, mindfulness and peace of mind. We are also obsessed with nature and to that end, we want to give back somehow. We rely on nature for our products. We want to protect and invest in nature so:

For every 100 orders, we will plant a tree to help preserve nature and clean our air! 

Our Core Values


A win for our customers is a win for us. Customers form one of the key pillars for our company so we always keep you at the forefront of our decisions.

Beyond Fair

We believe in going beyond fair-trade but we also understand this takes time. We want to be in a position where we guarantee the best pay to farmers, not just minimum wage or a sticker on our products.


Honesty and transparency. Ethical and moral. These are vital in building relationships and trust.



Quality to us is delivering and maintaining the highest standards across the board, not just with our products. We truly do care for customers and farmers and place them at the center of all we do.


Are you new to loose leaf tea? Not to worry, have a look at our Introduction to Loose Leaf Tea page.

Or maybe you’re unsure of what tea to get, why not try out our Variety Pack allowing you to try all our teas.


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