Introduction to Loose Leaf Tea

by Admin Toppers

The prospect of moving away from traditional tea bags to loose leaf tea can sometimes be daunting and when you weigh up the difference in effort between throwing a teabag in a cup and filling it with boiling water vs measuring tea leaves (sometimes even using scales), boiling water and using strainers, it is all too easy to understand why you may be hesitant. In this post, we will provide a brief summary of why loose leaf tea is superior to tea bags. We will go a step further and teach you how to make the switch from tea bags to loose leaf tea. By the end of this post, our hope is you will have at least two different tea variations in your shopping cart and using your unique discount code for signing up to our newsletter, make your first loose leaf tea purchase. Better yet, we’re hoping after finishing your first order of loose leaf tea, you return and join our tea subscription!

Teabag sellers more often than not adapt the tea to the teabag

Tea in teabags is usually made up of tea leaves that have been broken down into much smaller pieces; dust-like particles even. Have you ever finished a cup of tea, looked at the bottom and wondered why there’s dust like residue left? Granted, the infusion rate of these broken down leaves is sometimes slightly faster (maybe up to a minute? If that?) however consider the tea leaves have lost most of their essential oils as a result. In addition to this, broken down tea leaves release more tannins than loose leaf tea leaves during the brewing process, resulting in a more bitter cup of tea often needing sweetening. If you’ve only ever had teabag tea, you honestly deserve better. Take our word for it.

Loose leaf tea (as the name implies) does not often come in tea bags. Reason for this, the tea leaves need room to absorb water and expand during infusion. Tea leaves generally need room for expansion to release their full flavour. I still remember the first time I had loose leaf green tea, the first thing I noticed was the difference in flavour and freshness  

Loose Leaf Tea is more cost effective

When purchasing the same weight of loose leaf tea as you would with tea bags, you get more cups of tea with loose leaves. I mean, someone has to pay the cost of putting the tea in teabags. That, in addition to having more control of your tea and being able to reuse the loose tea leaves multiple times, makes it a no brainer. Have you ever found yourself wanting a stronger cup of tea so you use two tea bags instead of one? Have you ever found yourself with a cup of tea made of two tea bags that is too strong? Your preference sits somewhere between one tea bag and two tea bags but how do you achieve this? However, it is worth considering that you will require a strainer of some sort (in-cup strainers, tea pots) to have loose leaf tea however it is a long term investment that will save you money.

You know exactly what you are drinking

Rumour has it that the tea picking and bagging process for tea bags is done by machines which sometimes pick dirt and other foreign particles and grind them all together before bagging. With loose leaf tea, you actually see, feel and smell the leaves giving you an added layer of peace of mind.

Making the switch

Now, with this brief summary of why you should choose loose leaf tea over tea bags, let’s get you started. We offer a loose leaf tea starter pack which consists of:

  • Strainer
  • 4g samples of all our teas
  • Tea Card detailing teas + brewing instructions

All for the introductory price of £12.99Now go forth and prosper.

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