6 Tips to Improve your Cup of Tea

by Admin Toppers

If you’re reading this I doubt you're new to tea. In fact, you’ve probably been drinking tea for a while now and you may be happy with the current standard of the tea you make. However, if you would like to take your cup of tea to the next level check out this blog post which provides you with 6 tips to improve your cup of tea.

1. Do NOT Re-Boil Water

Kettle Boiling 
Most of us are guilty of this. If I’m being completely transparent here, on my laziest of days even I am too. You know when you walk into the kitchen, look at the kettle, notice there’s water in it, flick the on switch and re-boil.
Well, try your hardest to avoid this. Boiling sucks oxygen out of water and the more you re-boil, the more oxygen it loses. The more oxygen gets sucked out of water, the flatter your cup of tea. And when we say flat, we really mean to say underwhelming, saddening, disappointing, heartbreaking (slight exaggeration? Maybe).  
Boiling the kettle with freshly drawn water ensures you have the maximum amount of that good old oxygen in your water, leaving you with a cup of oxygenated tea that tastes like happiness :)

2. Follow recommended water temperature

Water Thermometer
Not all tea requires boiling hot water. I repeat, NOT ALL TEA REQUIRES BOILING HOT WATER. You might be wondering why I’m shouting about this, I just know someone out there in the world is scalding their tea leaves with freshly boiled water :(
Every tea is different and requires water at different temperatures. Scalded tea leaves often lead to incorrect flavour profiles and more often than not, bitter tea (yuck). Some recommend getting a kettle with different temperature settings but these may not be budget friendly. Some recommend using a thermometer. Some recommend paying attention to the bubbles. Whatever your chosen mechanism, a general rule of thumb is the lighter the tea, the lower the heat. For example, black teas can be brewed in freshly boiled water (though we recommend letting the water sit for about 3-5minutes) due to its robustness while white teas are generally best enjoyed around 77º C.

3. Time your brew

Watch the time
Not all teas are equal so we recommend brewing accordingly. Each kind of tea has to be brewed for a specific amount of time or you run the risk of ruining the taste and we don’t want that. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and your tea will be just fine.
It is worth noting that some people do enjoy stronger cups of teas than others so if you are one of those people we recommend following the brewing time instructions provided but allowing an extra minute or two to strengthen the taste or taste the tea every so often till you get the right taste. Once you do this, make a note of the time it took for future purposes.

4. Store your tea properly

tea jar
What’s the proper way to store tea you may be wondering? See below:
  • In an air tight jar/container/bag in order to keep air and odour exposure to a minimum. Exposure to air leads to tea tasting stale
  • In a dry environment away from moisture and/or damp areas. Moisture weakens the flavour and can cause mould to form
  • Away from direct light as this can damage the tea leaves
Toppers Teas come in opaque, sealable, air-tight bags so we’ve got you covered ;)

5. Use Bottled or Filtered Water

Water Filter
Overkill? Worth it.
The minerals found in tap water can alter the taste of tea. Yes yes we know bottled water is more expensive, and filtered water is more effort but we want to use water with the least amount of external minerals in it as possible. In addition, it also helps prevent limescale residue being found in your tea/kettle.

6. Switch to Toppers Teas!

Of course, the quality of the tea used impacts your cup of tea. Switch to Toppers Teas today and don’t look back.
Happy Tea
And there you have it. 6 tips to improve your cup of tea. Why not use code IMPROVEMYTEA to get 30% off your next order from Toppers Teas.